A Little About Ciclos Foundry


Ciclos Foundry is a design and apparel brand built from the "Everlasting Pursuit" of happiness. Our lives are complicated cycles of experiences and change. Along the way ideals, focuses, and passions shift. Welcome these changes, look forward to the unknown, embrace your "Everlasting Pursuit". . .

ADVENTURES - Adventures are experiences, places, moments, ideas that define us, make us who we are. They leave lifelasting impressions that are better when shared.

DESIGN - Through our pens we transform these ideas into art, eye-catching compositions that define our adventures. An image with a purpose, a story. 

APPAREL - What a better canvas than a tee. A garment that speaks for us. We believe it’s the perfect medium to share our adventures. Wear an idea, a story, not just a tee. 


Ciclos Foundry was established in 2015 by friends James and Camilo. Passionate about creating a space where they could share, interests, experiences, and adventures through design; Ciclos Foundry was born.

We also offer Illustration, Graphic Design and Web Design Services. If you are interested in having Ciclos Foundry develop your next design project please contact us and we can evaluate whether our design skill set is a good fit.