The Tahoe Collection

In terms of Tahoe experiences you can consider us late bloomers. We didn't come to discover this magnificent lake until fairly recently. We both moved to this region with the desire for change and adventure. Little did we know that Tahoe was going to leave such a lasting impression on us. Here you have an enormous lake with crystal clear water, sandy beaches that can easily be compared to a caribbean paradise, and all this surrounded by beautiful snow-capped mountains that make this place a unique, breathtaking, adventure destination. Whether you come here to ski, snowboard, bike, kayak, hike or just to relax. Once you've been here you know that Lake Tahoe becomes a part of you. This collection is an homage to Da'Ow'Ga, as the Washoe Tribe would call it. We hope our Tahoe designs will inspire those who have never been here to come and experience the beauty first hand. And for you lucky adventurers who have had the pleasure of experiencing Tahoe, we hope these designs will allow you to take a piece of the lake and a memory of your Tahoe stories with you wherever you go.